AMT, Advanced Marine Tech, did not get its name coincidentally. The team behind the AMT range have a 30-year experience in developing marine products and by now we have over 35 000 manufactured boats on our good conscience. This background gives us a unique know-how and an invaluable expertise. In designing the AMT range we have combined marine technology with innovative design while infusing it with our perfection-seeking passion in boat building, which has grown and developed during the past years. Our aim has always been to create the best boats in the 15 - 23 foot segment. At the two AMT factories located in Kontiolahti in Northern Karelia we focus especially on high quality and high-end finishing touches. The AMT factories are some of the most modern boat building facilities in Finland.

Performance – more than just knots and high speed

All AMT boats are delivered with outboard engines that suit the entirety. This guarantees that your boating experience starts from the very moment you switch on the ignition. A well-balanced hull combined with a suitable engine power gives both driver and passengers an experience to remember, without any big surprises. Therefore we build hulls where the main focus is on safety, while simultaneously also investing in true driving pleasure. Thanks to the hydrodynamically optimized design and a bottom V-angle of 18-20 degrees all our manufactured models offer economic, fast and safe running, without spraying sea water on the passengers. In our opinion a true boating experience is determined by balance, responsiveness and counter-effects, rather than by knots only - the AMT way of defining performance.

For the quality conscious consumer

AMT's clear vision is, and has always been, to make boating available for everyone to enjoy. That is why we have decided to offer all of our experience in one and the same package, making it both safe and easy for you to choose your boat, and to make boat owning as effortless as possible. A versatile standard accessory list is a good example of this - the AMTs are standardly fitted with many accessories our competitors offer as costly accessories. All our boat models have been fitted with a swim ladder, an extra fuel tank, a fire extinguisher and a boat hook/paddle. Additionally we always include the mooring equipment as standard, i.e. fenders with fender lines, anchor with anchor line and mooring lines. Another typical AMT-solution are the lockable storage compartments that have been fitted with an Abloy single-key system.
AMT is also a safe choice - the whole range has been made using a unique "Safely to shore"-construction, which keeps the boat afloat even if the hull would fill up with water so that you can drive the boat to the closest shore.

AMT – Proven quality at sea

  • Innovative and stylish design with well thought-out proportions, colors and material
  • Extremely high-quality finish
  • Made in Finland
  • Especially good driving capabilities and a high level of security
  • Fun and comfortable driving
  • A very well balanced hull with near to perfect weight distribution
  • A deep V-hull with lifting strakes ensures that the boat behaves consistently and travels safely across the water
  • Wide hems/lapels stabilize the passage and effectively guide water splashes to the sides 
  • Integrated Abloy locks with a single-key system
  • Grey deck surface
  • Spacious rope boxes in bow and stern
  • A canopy storage compartment behind the stern bench for handy and neat storage
  • Well sheltering windshields
  • Spacious cockpits with plenty of space for seating and storage
  • Unique "Safely to shore"-construction
  • Stable and steady railings out of stainless steel
  • Securmark anti-theft marking
  • High sides/freeboards
  • Proper anti-slip deck surface
  • Integrated rain water drainage
  • Fixed lifting strakes
  • All boats have been tested and CE-certified by Finnish VVT