The basis of the AMT boat production has from day one been to make high quality boats at a consumer-friendly price, and so the AMT boats' price-quality ratio always has to be the best in its class. It has often been said that design and practicality cannot walk hand-in-hand. AMT proves this wrong. The products successfully combine sleek design with practicality, making them a well-functioning entity, where thoroughly elaborated structural solutions and well-designed details complement each other. All this is made possible thanks to the AMT specialists' extensive experience of both boating and boat manufacturing.

The AMT fleet has been divided into five different categories: ALUMINIUM, BOW RIDER, CONSOLE, DAYCRUISER and PILOTHOUSE. Learn more about the different categories and models by choosing objects from the menu to the left or by scrolling down.


AMT 165 BRf is a compact package for even more demanding boaters. This nimble but stable boat has an aluminium hull and can be equipped with 50 to 60 hp engine
Aluminium AMT 175 BRf 1
AMT 175 BRf is a spacious, stylish and versatile all-rounder, especially well suited for speed-enthusiastic and quality-conscious boaters.
Aluminium AMT 190 BRf 4
AMT 190 BRf is tspacious and versatile member of the aluminiumrange.
Aluminium AMT 190Rf 1
AMT 190 RF
The new AMT 190 Rf with a center console is easy to look at and fun to drive even in rougher waters.


Bow rider AMT 165 BR 1
AMT 165 BR
AMT 165 BR is a compact package for even more demanding boaters. This nimble but stable boat can be equipped with 50 to 60 hp engine.
Bow rider AMT 175 BR 4
AMT 175 BR
AMT 175 BR represents the best use of space on the market and is the most spacious boat in its class.
AMT 190 BR
An action-packed access and leisure boat for multiple uses.
Bow rider AMT 210 BR 2
AMT 210 BR
AMT 210 BR is a stylish new age Bow Rider. 


Console AMT 150R 1
AMT 150 R
An entry model, that brings the high AMT quality to the 4.5-meter class.
Console AMT 160R 1
AMT 160 R
Luxury and comfort with a smaller price tag is what AMT 160 R stands for.
Console AMT  190 R 8
AMT 190 R
The AMT 190 R center console is easy and fun to drive even in rougher waters.
NEW! AMT 165 R


Day cruiser AMT 210 DC 1
AMT 210 DC
The new age Day Cruiser AMT 210 DC stuns with quality, looks and drivability.
BOB_Winner_2023_CMYK kopio
AMT 240 DC
AMT boats continues to expand its model range and launches a big Day Cruiser for the 2023 season. The AMT 240 DC is the comprehensively equipped new flagship of the AMT fleet and offers plenty of speed, luxury and boating pleasure at a competitive price. Thanks to its adaptability, the new model is suitable for both day trips and longer trips.


Pilothouse_610x610_215 PH 1
AMT 215 PH
The AMT pilot house model for the demanding boaters who want to be out on the sea from the second the ice breaks in spring until the first frost falls late in the autumn.