A pioneer for 33 years

The year was 1986, when the boat and motor division of Finland's largest central wholesaler asked Aimo Mustonen to establish a boat factory for designing and manufacturing a proprietary boat range for the company. The central wholesaler had had its proprietary brand for years, and the range available at the time mainly consisted of products from different boat manufacturers, marketed under the wholesaler's own brand. The new range was to be designed and manufactured to be competitively priced even though the distribution chain was one link longer than that of competitors.

The development of AMT-Veneet Oy's production facility was launched immediately, including a global survey on small boat manufacturing. The actual production began on Nov. 4, 1987. The staff at the production facility had been trained in AMT's new and effective serial production methods, and within a few months production volumes surpassed those of competitors that used traditional methods.

In addition to manufacturing, AMT's operations included structural design of boats, selection and procurement of materials and accessories as well as establishment of an extremely effective component manufacturer network. AMT also handled boat certification and distribution to retailers and importers.

Boats manufactured by AMT quickly became a staple of quality in their size classes which others aspired to achieve and were benchmarked against. AMT continued as the contract manufacturer of the central wholesaler until 2005 when it decided to discontinue the collaboration. Up until then more than 30 boat models were designed and more than 25 000 boats manufactured at the company's two production facilities.

In the latter half of 2005 AMT began developing its own proprietary boat range. Switching from contract manufacturing to proprietary products offered the company better opportunities to apply and gain benefits from its expertise. Many features enhancing safety and comfort, which had not been feasible earlier due to cost reasons, could now be implemented in the company's own models. The first five AMT-models were introduced for the first time at the 2006 Helsinki International Boat Show. During the past years the range has grown to a versatile fleet of 14 boats in size classes 4,5 to 6,9 meters.

Trailblazer and test winner

AMT designs, develops and manufactures its own products. The company has also developed a special 3D design software that directly controls the machining units and enables simultaneous manufacturing of prototypes and molds of all parts of the boat. This methos offers excellent measurement accuracy, and it has taken the use of space and, most of all, safety in the design of the AMT range to a whole new level.
The end result is AMT boats that meet the needs of the most demanding boaters. Ever since they were first introduced, AMT boats have been extremely successful in product tests and comparisons conducted by both Finnish and International boating magazines.

An All-Finnish boat range

The AMT boats are as Finnish as they come, both designed and manufactured by Finnish professionals at two modern Finnish factories. AMT was the first boat brand to receive the "key flag" award by the Association for Finnish Work in recognition of the domestic origin of the products. At the two factories in Kontiolahti in the Northern Karelia region, up to 1 600 boats are built every year.
AMT is also a significant exporter selling boats abroad in e.g. Sweden, Norway, Russia, Denmark, Estonia and the UK.

These three words sum up the basic concept of the AMT boats


The performance provided by four-stroke outboard engines and the maneuverability of the boats have been rankes excellent in several tests by boat magazines. 


The design of the boats' details incorporates solutions that increase the comfort level of the driver and passengers. The equipment standard of the boats is second to none in each size class.


All design builds on unyielding safety. The boats incorporate a unique "safely to shore" construction that makes them unsinkable as well as other structural safety features.