Typical for Bow Riders is the open bow area, the wide opening windshield, vast storage spaces and well-sheltering, comfortable seating for all passengers. The BR-models are suited for various uses; for people transports, water sports, as access boats or multi-purpose boats.

Bow rider AMT 165 BR 1
AMT 165 BR
AMT 165 BR is a compact package for even more demanding boaters. This nimble but stable boat can be equipped with 50 to 60 hp engine.
Bow rider AMT 175 BR 4
AMT 175 BR
AMT 175 BR represents the best use of space on the market and is the most spacious boat in its class.
AMT 190 BR
An action-packed access and leisure boat for multiple uses.
Bow rider AMT 210 BR 2
AMT 210 BR
AMT 210 BR is a stylish new age Bow Rider.